About Us

We are a passionate team of individuals who want to Make Sure Your Money Works For You !
We want to change the way personal finance is perceived and provided in India. We started Pindersson because
we felt that the traditional thought process of letting money sit idle is actually a lost opportunity . We would like to educate
people on the art of investing safely and prudently so that they too could benefit from having another source of income–
their own money working for them !! We are here to answer a lot of Personal Finance questions and provide our customers
with A Trusted Advisor .
We have kept a simple formula for Success and work hard on this Success mantra .


Success = Strategic + Systematic + Secured + Specialized



Our Strategic Superior Investments

Time frame, Tolerance, Diversification, and Knowledge, these are the four strategies which can reduce your exposure to investment risk. Our strategy seeks to achieve superior investment returns over short and long term depending upon your risk appetite. Our returns in the past have significantly outperformed the benchmarks.


Systematic Plans for Future Aspirations

We help you to identify, prioritise and quantify your Future Goals and then we work with you to reach there! All aspects of your finances are interconnected in your life. They don’t exist separately which is why we made a single platform to build, implement and manage all your financial decisions.


Specialized Portfolios For Exclusive You 

Investment, Risks and Returns are interlinked and interdependent. Therefore, our products, plans and portfolios are customised based on your profile. Effective financial management needs continuous planning so we review your financial plan regularly and make dynamic adjustments to reach your financial goals.


We Secure you from Financial Risk

An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or environment . More than 90% of Emergencies like loss of job, hospitalisation and loss of life result in financial bankruptcy for the family. Our Customers are financially prepared and insured to face all emergencies.

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