Portfolio Advisory

If you are a mid to long term equity market investor who believes in disciplined wealth creation from stock market, our Portfolio Advisory Services is “The Right Choice”for you. Unlike traditional Portfolio Management Services, our service is non-discretionary in nature – thus keeping you in complete control of your stocks & money while you seek professional advice.


We provide :


  • Personal solution: Our investment specialist provides proactive investment recommendations in line with your target asset allocation.


  • Dedicated advice: You can rely on our specialists for highly customized investment advice and investment ideas.


  • Risk management: Continuous portfolio monitoring allows risks in your portfolio to be controlled and matched to your risk preferences.


  • Access: You have access to model portfolios from our team and selected third-party providers, as well as to our research capabilities and reports.


Who is the Portfolio Advisory Service for ?


This service is for those who do not wish to delegate the day-to-day management of their investments but who would still benefit from the experience and knowledge of a dedicated investment adviser.  The service gives you specific pre-trade advice and access to well-researched investment ideas, with guidance and reference to an overall asset allocation and your adviser actively reviewing your portfolio.


Personal advice tailored to your needs


Before you invest with us, your investment adviser will work with you to learn about your goals, attitude to risk, investment time horizon and any specific requirements you have – such as generating an income. This ensures that the advice they give you will always be suitable for your personal circumstances.


Expert research


Your adviser can recommend a wide range of direct stocks, bonds, investment trusts and funds that have been approved by our research department. Our researchers carry out a thorough review and due diligence process on all available investments.


The Services we offer are :


1.1. Portfolio Evaluation Services – Take a second opinion on your investments


Would you like to take a second opinion on your portfolio?


Just as you may take a second opinion concerning your health, it is imperative to give equal importance to your investments. Our team of expert advisors evaluates your existing investments covering varied parameters such as asset allocation, diversification, inherent risk factors and past performance.


1.2. Standard Advisory Services – Keeps a regular tab on your investments


This service would provide periodic and timely recommendations on portfolio re-balancing, fresh investments. Our team of advisors are abreast of the latest happenings in the Indian as well as the global economy and ensure that your investment portfolios are up to date to whether economic turmoil.


1.3. Equity Advisory Services – Specialised Equity Advisor


Where our clients require expertise in direct equity investments, the investment advisory services also caters to this special need. The Equity Advisory Services involve:


  • Direct Equity Portfolio Review
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Stock Advice
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